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A Place to Discuss the Word of God.

Please be respectful to others.

The True Christians of LJ.
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A community for true Christians.
Welcome to everalive, a community for Christians to share their ideas and views and to fellowship with one another.

I hate to have to set rules like this for a Christian community, but from what I have seen of other so-called "Christian" communities on Livejournal, it is necessary.

- Please do not join this community if you are not a Christian.

- If you join this community to make trouble or to attempt to shake the faith of others, you will be banned. If I see any posts and/or comments that seem to be blatantly against our beliefs, they will be deleted and you will be banned.

- Please be respectful of others and their views. Not everyone will be from the same denomination, so not everyone will agree about certain issues.

- No foul language. This should be self-explanatory.

- No bashing others. Beliefs will differ slightly (like I said before), so please do not bash anyone because of their beliefs. Disagree with the view, not the person.

- Please do not say things like "You are going to hell." Again, please be respectful of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

- But more than anything, please show due reverence and respect to God.

Feel free to start discussions, ask questions, whatever you'd like. Just please follow these rules, so that we'll all have an enjoyable experience.
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